The Basic Clearing Ritual: Aroma, Sound, Fire, and Salt

I will skip the historical aspect of this topic, because there are a million resources on the Internet that discuss that. Instead, let us proceed with citing a few more common clearing methods. All of these are very simple, affordable items, which are easy to acquire. For those who consider themselves as beginners in energy clearing and work, these are good to procure before considering more expensive, complicated accompaniments.

Chimes, bells, incense, salts, and candle lighting

These items are best used as supplements to space clearing and energy maintenance. Although each one has unique qualities, more effective results are achieved when combining them with other clearing objects. And as you tap into other methods of working with these, you will find that there is more you can do and create with them.

In truth, space clearing is huge energy work. Most modalities I have read about or encountered through other practitioners do not permanently eliminate critters, blocks, baggage, and “what-have-you”. After a clearing session, most often than not, they provide their clients with “supplementary materials” to use as some form of charm or amulet for “maintenance”.

My personal take on this is: If a client will eventually have to use a charm or amulet, then that means the condition has not been resolved. And you are simply promoting a condition, wherein the problem merely moves on to another location (or stays at bay). Thus, at present, the only true way is all-level dedicated arduous work and maintenance. Many true healers and space clearers perform and encourage regular clearing work.

There are advanced practitioners who no longer strongly advocate the use of these elements (specifically for chimes, salts, and incense). The primary reason is because as time passes, and as the high vibration of an area is preserved, you tend to explore other possibilities. In the long run, you will probably consider having rocks, crystals, or “etheric tools”. 홈타이

When you get to this phase of mai ntenance level (wherein clearing is performed mostly for protecting and upholding the high frequency), you may want to consider other means by which these same objects can be used to attain other ends. Such that chimes can be used with bowls and drums to create music. Or salt and incense can be used as part of offerings and ceremonies.

Especially under serious conditions, you do not want to immediately resort to using complex tools, such as crystals. It is best to learn about crystals, before acquiring/utilizing them. There are probably people who just randomly go to a shop and purchase a crystal. But most practitioners recommend taking your time. Usually, it is a long process. Deciding to have a crystal is just the first part of actually purchasing, owning, and working with them.

There is a phrase you might hear often among crystal owners that goes, “My crystal called to me.” (Actually, this is not limited to crystals. This can happen even with rocks, bowls, and many others. It can happen even amongst peoples and places.) They are “conscious structures” that have personalities. For instance, when I finally received my first set of Selenites, they were quite a bunch. They were unlike anything I have read or heard about. To this day, we are still in a “getting-to-know-each-other” phase.

There is an exemption to complex tools. Some people are strongly connected to these tools (or methods), making it possible for them to work with these—-quickly and with ease.

Another reason why some practitioners consider salts, incense, or chimes as optional objects to space clearing: as you become more engaged to higher frequency environment, and as you raise your own personal energetic field, consciousness, and holistic wellbeing, you tend to opt out the clutter (or use of too many tools). You eventually minimize your “arsenal” by keeping only those you find crucial and indispensable, based on your own personal technique.

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